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Friday, February 17, 2006

Oh Yeah, That Made Sense

From today's Journal (subscription):

Among the big-ticket Richardson measures that failed or were ignored in the session were $250 million he wanted for roads and highways statewide....

So, while you are bumping around on the road to work, consider what got money instead:

Richardson's $393 million Rail Runner Express commuter train to link Belen, Albuquerque and Santa Fe roared out of the Legislature unscathed after hitting a rough patch early in the session. A Senate measure to stop state funding for the train failed.


The capital outlay projects include $100 million for [Richardson's] proposed spaceport in southern New Mexico and $90 million for new public schools in high-growth areas.

Now didn't I read somewhere Richardson's Transportation Secretary promising that the Rail Runner would not take away funds from our roads? Oh well, so much for promises from the Richardson administration.
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